TruSculpt® Flex Body Sculpting

TruSculpt® Flex Body Sculpting

Have you ever wanted a more plumped and defined booty but are too afraid of going under the knife? Or maybe, you just don’t have the money to invest in major surgery or the time to recover. Well, you have nothing to worry about anymore; TruSculpt® Flex Body Sculpting is the perfect solution for you. At Aspen Aesthetics, we offer treatments to help our patients acquire muscle tone faster to achieve their ideal physique with zero downtime. To learn more about this treatment, contact our clinic today.

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What Is TruSculpt® Flex Body Sculpting?

Sometimes it feels like we spend all this time in the gym just to look the same over time. Everyone’s bodies are different, and not every diet and exercise will yield the same results. With the advancement of technology, we can offer treatments to help you get the desired results with zero downtime. TruSculpt® Flex body sculpting is a non-surgical muscle toning and strengthening system that uses electrical muscle stimulation to trigger deep muscle contractions at high intensity. In just 15 mins, TruSculpt® Flex delivers 54,000 contractions to your treated area. That means, when TruSculpt® Flex is treating your abs, then you just did 54,000 crunches in the span of 15 mins!

Benefits of TruSculpt® Flex Body Sculpting

If you are tired of struggling with the tone of your muscles and want to upgrade your strength and stamina at the gym, TruSculpt® Flex Body Sculpting may be for you. Treatments are also fully personalized to each person’s unique fitness level, shape, and goals. The goal with TruSculpt® is to tone, strengthen, firm, and build your muscles in the abdominal, thigh, and buttocks areas. Patients undertake a painless series of treatments spaced over several weeks. When you come in for your consultation, you will discuss with your doctor desired results so we can curate a treatment plan specific to you.

How Does TruSculpt® Flex Body Sculpting Work?

Everyone wants a body they are proud of. You shouldn’t have to hide behind insecurities. It is time to do something about it! With TruSculpt® Flex, there is no downtime. One 15-minute session can work out up to 8 areas at once. After your session, you may experience some slight muscle soreness or tenderness, but this is normal. This treatment is non-invasive, so you will be able to get back to your daily routine right after your session. TruSculpt® Flex uses three types of stimulation treatments to give you the results you want, Prep mode, Tone mode, Sculpt mode. 

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If you are looking for a way to get the body you have been working for, TruSculpt® Flex Body Sculpting may be right for you! At Aspen Aesthetics, we provide effective treatments to help you look and feel like a better you. Today, connect with us in Edmonton, AB by filling out and submitting the form below, or call us at (587) 200-8018. We can’t wait to meet you!