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Aesthetic Treatments for the Face

Looking for anti-aging treatments? BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® reduce wrinkles on the face. Schedule in Edmonton.

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Aesthetic Treatments for the Body

Ready to feel amazing? TruSculpt® Flex is a non-surgical body sculpting treatment that can help you build muscle and burn fat.

Skin Revitalization

Bring back the luster and integrity of your skin with Secret PRO. Designed to provide the most incredible flexibility, Secret PRO offers four signature treatment options made to give you the beautiful skin you want with little to no downtime. Reverse the signs of aging skin today!

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TruSculpt® iD Fat Reduction

TruSculpt® iD Fat Reduction

We offer the TruSculpt® iD Fat Reduction treatments to reduce stubborn fat and give you the body you desire. TruSculpt® iD is a safe and effective treatment clinically proven to permanently eliminate fat cells in stubborn areas on the body. These include the abdomen, flanks, thighs, arms, and chin.

“If you are looking for personal attention to your needs, along with knowledgeable staff, you have come to the right place.” — Megan, 43

Our Injectable Treatments

Like a bottle of wine, you too can get better with age. At Aspen Aesthetics, we offer a range of injectable & filler treatments made to help you feel youthful. Request an appointment to get started.

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BOTOX® Cosmetic & Dysport®

Stop fine lines and wrinkles in their tracks and achieve natural, long-lasting results with BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® today!

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Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are injectable treatments that add volume and fullness to the face, reducing wrinkles, augmenting the lips, and correcting collagen loss.

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Effective non-surgical treatments do exist. Belkyra is an alternative non-invasive treatment that helps address the dreaded double chin.

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About Aspen Aesthetics

At Aspen Aesthetics, we strive for a better and healthier community by taking the time with our patients to personally understand their beauty goals. Our aesthetics team offers a specialized full-service approach to better your health while giving you the best care possible. Contact us today and get the best help in Alberta.

Laser Treatments, Peels, and Facials

Whether you’re looking to exfoliate and hydrate or treat acne conditions, we’ve got you covered. Our expert aestheticians will give you a complete skin analysis and customize each facial and peel to your unique goals and skin concerns.

Jessner Peel

Jessner Peel

The Jessner is designed to target hyperpigmentation, including sun damage and scarring, minimizing fine lines and reducing pore size, tightening, and evening out skin texture.

Vivier Peel

Vivier Peel

The Vivier Peel is a professional, gentle, and effective option to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, minimize the look of dilated pores, hyperpigmentation, and more.

Visia Scan

Visia Scan

The Visia Facial Complexion Scanner analyzes your skin and shows you where your skincare might be lacking so that we can provide information about what to do to help.

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SharpLight IPL

Treat your skin to some TLC! Get specialized skincare and hair removal services with SharpLight IPL. IPL treatments are painless, non-invasive, and extremely safe for improving aging skin and effectively removing unwanted hair.